Lycus – Ignis Fatuus

Some of you may know bay area doom metal act Lycus. They’ve been getting more attention since their drummer, Trevor, has been moderately successful with hipster black metal heroes Deafheaven, and recently put out a new demo. There was a weird gap in this band in 2009 where founding guitar player Jackson (no idea what his last name is) quit, and vocalist/bassist Bret Tardiff of Minenwerfer took over as lead songwriter. I filled in on a live show for them in August of that year, we played one of Bret’s songs, and now that Bret is out of the band (and in about 3 work-in-progress disasters with me), this song will never be played by anyone again.

Bret and I ran into Trevor and Jackson at Eyehategod the other night. If I recall, I got drunk and rambled on about how much life sucks. You know, appropriate doom metal conversation.

Anyway, here’s Bret, Trevor, and myself performing Ignis Fatuus, live at Javalounge in Sacramento, August 20th, 2009.

Click here to download if stream wont load.

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