Linode support spoofing…

So, I should definitely get back to some actual blogging soon, I’ve just been super busy. I haven’t even been checking in on the Russian botnet that keeps hitting my site. But! I apparently have some new friends in Germany… well, I doubt really Germany, just using a shit German registrar to buy tons of domains, likely with Dogecoin, to link URLs like to fake Linode support emails. Others include,, and They’re registered via who are about to receive more abuse emails than I feel like writing.

My email address publicly listed on this website is, which is valid, but not the email address I use for my Linode account (where this site is hosted). They start by sending an email about your account being over balance that’s very convincing as most of the links in it are actually to Linode. I at one point logged into Linode manually to make sure I hadn’t overrun my limit (I’d get a push notification on my phone if I had anyway).

Anyway, these emails keep asking for me to send a scan of my ID and credit card to prove my identity.

So, if any humans are looking at this page, given that you’re emailing me every day, I would like to kindly tell you to get fucked.