Sorry to disappoint you…

I regret to inform you that
Superzapper Recharge’s forthcoming “album”, has been canceled. I
use the term “album” loosely, being as it was more of a desperate
attempt to validate the last year I wasted on this god forsaken
project through some poorly recorded garage improvisations which
greatly overshadow the actual material we wrote and recorded.
We had prepared 3 songs, 2 of which
were filler, one I was just okay with. We’d intended to release this
material as a demo to promote ourselves as a rock band since our
previous album releases were moreso my ambient solo project. It was
never really album worthy; just a couple riffs strung together with a
section in the middle for extended improvisation. This works live,
and would have been a great way to get our name out early while
working on that proper set of progressive-rock I was starting to
Well, when the band fell apart due to
Graham’s leaving and my creative differences with Andrew, we tried
really hard to nail it on our last gig so we could maybe release
that. It was a pretty inspired set, although played too fast with a
couple mistakes, it’s still leaps and bounds better than what we
reunited to record. Graham’s tour with another band was cut short so
we decided to record our 3 songs to pack in with some assorted
rubbish laying around my hard drive for a better release. When we got
into the basement to record (special thanks to Dan & Melissa
Martin of Warm Streams for their wonderful hospitality), any vague
inclination of enthusiasm for this material was just gone. The 2
semi-improvised songs were met with 9 takes each, each one lifeless
and dull. On top of this, I was self-producing, self-engineering, and
performing, thus was too busy to do my engineering duty of monitoring
the quality of the recording. Since these songs had to be recorded
live together, redubbing certain tracks isn’t really an option, due
to limited isolation in the environment we recorded in. It’s either
release this, the live set, or nothing. The live set has already been
released as a free video to download, so why would I bother swapping
out for that? What we recorded is utterly useless.
I developed a rule
for myself a ways back in this project, when it started out as my
“experimental” project. I decided that anything I myself would
not enjoy listening to, should not be released. If it’s something I’d
play once to humor a friend and then shelve for eternity, I wont
burden people with it. What we have here is exactly that; mediocre
stoner rock, followed by sloppy, out of tune surf rock, and a lone
song I wrote which could be salvaged (it was recorded track by
track), but what would it be paired with? I know this: I can’t be
bothered to spend the 20+ hours mixing/mastering this slush for a web
release that maybe 2 or 3 people would give a damn about. I hate
every chord of it and refuse to spend that much time listening to it.
So ultimately,
this is an apology to whoever may have actually been enthusiastic
about this band. I have a solo record half done and I’m going to just
start focusing on that for now (my shoegazer friends will probably
favor that anyway). I’m sorry I couldn’t give you all the Superzapper
Recharge album I’ve wanted to make for 2 years. Maybe in another 2
years, I finally will. I’ll be welcoming auditions for bass and drums
a few months from now after my life has settled down and I’ve managed
to knock out a little more material. As it is, this edition of the
band ends with nothing more than a single concert document. I’m also
sorry to all those whose time was wasted in the creative efforts of
this flop.
Ever persistent
and ever failing,
Blake William.

[Cross posted here because is broken half the time.]

New Show/Photos

First, I’m going to be doing my first solo performance in quite a while next month.

Details: April 24th @ 16th Street Cafe, Formerly Javalounge
Everything Is Fine
Summer of Glaciers
Blake William

7pm, all ages, probably $5-7 around there. 2416 16th Street, Sacramento, CA 95818

Anyway, Superzapper Recharge did some tracking for our upcoming release, A Fistful of Disappointment. Photos of these sessions by James Collins can be seen at: 

Also, I need a new rhythm section. Who wants to play overblown, noisy, occasionally mathy semi-improvised prog-rock with me?